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Value Proposition Solution

Explore in-depth Sage 300 cloud solutions mapping that meets end-to-end customer requirements to overcome daily business activities inefficiency and achieving a comprehensive cost deployment ratio.

Financial & Tax Accounting

Assist in sharing best practices and compliance on financial standards across company-wide to reconcile business transaction and partner collaboration in regional tax regime reporting needs.

Mobile & Web Development

Develop agile Mobile Apps and Web Solution to extend customer enterprise capability to reach out into digitization drive with e-Banking, e-Commerce, e-Payment Gateway, and 3rd party software with Web API enable.

Cloud Computing

Promote company computing to public cloud infrastructure to access from anywhere and database scalability in accordance with customer business demands to reap cost benefits from economics of scale through cloud deployment.

Product & Job Service Costing

Formulation with near accurately by pinpoint enterprise each job service and product cost category related to manufacturing, distribution, and services across businesses domain.

Business Intelligence & Insight

In-depth understanding of your business performance in data mining role by using appropriate maneuver finance tools across company database-wide from distribution, inventory, credit & cash management to financial transactions.

Project Management

Partner teamwork prospective and ability to seek the best and practical approach in line with customer resources that orderly provide across all management role play with an ERP paradigm scope to implement across geographical areas in the Asia Pacific.

Business Digital Automation

Enable business unit and processes to be automated with current Manufacturing 4.0 deployments to propel any organization towards digitization goals which are being promoted by every country digital initiative in grants for internet connectivity and greater computerization.

Sage 300

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Previous Projects


DBStar Multimedia Sdn Bhd is incorporated in 2001 with the mainstream focus on multi-devices or platform towards application awareness and methods to enable businesses to realize this technology with practical solutions based on the value of DBStar's 3R approach namely;
right focus, right selection and right action.

DBStar's Fundamental in Incorporation

One of the most important stepping stone event leading to its incorporation is the leads role in business intelligence project management where the team project leader successfully earned and been acknowledged by industry players and customers alike as “ the best consultant in the Asia Pacific ”. Which shortly it has resulted in the rise of the corporation name “DBStar” formed which is coined from the prefix of database supported by multiple star formation networks on various intelligent devices. Through the efforts and pursuits for an intelligence application, DBStar is again recognized as “ the outstanding growth company ” after partnering for more than 5 years with the then ACCPAC software company.

DBStar's Role in Innovation

Since the commencement of the DBStar incorporation date, we are constantly in touch with innovative ideas and creativity to bring about a technology benefit to meet our customer satisfaction.

In our quest for innovative ERP products and deployment of ERP space, mobility is the center of focus as early project work was initiated around devices like palmtop development but as platform device evolved and technology progress, DBStar is constantly committed going forward to the latest mobile and web application compliance with Sage 300 integration.

We strongly believe in our dream and motivation in the mobile spectrum of ERP space and technology to becoming a reality platform defining work anywhere, anyplace, and anytime on-demand. However, it was not without hiccups as we moved along this path, but we are optimistic about this quest because we have faith in our teams and are motivated to remain as a reputable software vendor in the ERP market space.

Career Opportunity

Software Application Specialist

Candidates who are qualified are encouraged to apply to register with the Company's database. Successful applicants will be contacted as soon as an opening is available.

Summary of Duties

The successful candidate will be involved in all ERP related activities of the company in installation, implementation, end-user training and support.

Additional responsibilities include implementation project management, preparation of marketing materials and conducting on-line demos, training sessions, providing remote support and writing custom reports.

Abilities and Qualifications Preferences

Interested candidates please write in with latest resume at info@mydbstar.com or send us a message here

Contact Information

Address: 368-3-16, Bellisa Row, Jalan Burma. 10350 Penang, Malaysia

Phone: +604 2108866